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Toro® Lynx® Central Control System with Cloud-Based Enhancements

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Three mobile phones with Lynx Cloud screens
desktop, tablet and mobile icons

Maximum mobility

Irrigation system management is no longer confined to a desktop. Lynx Cloud is a cloud-based enhancement that gives you remote irrigation control from anywhere, anytime — and from any device.

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view sprinkler snapshots

Know what’s running, what ran and what didn’t run across your course.

Tablet view of Toro Lynx Cloud App - Course Report
Course Data Screen on Desktop Monitor

easily save course data

Schedule automatic backups to your hard drive and to the cloud so you don’t have to.

Get On-the-Go Control

Make temporary or indefinite adjustments on the fly from anywhere on the course.

Toro Lynx Cloud on Tablet

troubleshoot with a tap

Identify issues quickly and perform critical diagnostics from the field.

Lynx Cloud on mobile devices

Maximum Flexibility

Lynx Fusion™ is a new capability that allows two types of systems — a Lynx Smart Satellite system and a Lynx Smart Module 2-wire system — to be combined and operated from one Lynx Central Control computer. And when you’re ready to transition systems, Lynx Fusion gives you the flexibility to convert one station or hole at a time.

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Manage all irrigation from one Lynx Central Control System
satellie and wire systems icon - three connected circles, one larger, in center of red circle
Seamlessly combine satellite and 2-wire systems
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upgrade your system AT your own pace
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it starts with lynx

Lynx Cloud displayed on Tablet
unsurpassed precision

No other system gives you exact control over watering times and amounts per sprinkler.

Lynx Cloud app displayed on Mobile device
unmatched ease of use

A user-friendly interface means less labor hours, fewer headaches and no disruption to play.

Lynx Cloud App displayed on mobile device. Sprinkler spraying water in background on golf course.
incomparable reliability

Built-in fail-safes, like the ability to run system health checks, help you avoid unforeseen catastrophes.

Man holding Tablet. Golf course in the background.

Regular system enhancements give you continual best-in-class control for years to come.

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one convenient dashboard

Toro’s IntelliDash™ integrates Lynx Central Control with other Toro data sources, allowing you to view all of your real-time operational course data in one convenient dashboard. At a glance, you can check agronomic conditions, labor, asset location and equipment health — giving you the ability to quickly identify where efficiencies can be made. Plus, the IntelliDash dashboard can be customized to only display the information that’s most important to you.